ES35’s Customize V0.1

27 03 2011

[RELEASE] ES35’s Customize v0.1

By: EmersonS35

Homebrew train is on its way.
RCOs are a bunch of xml files encrypted together,
you can mod these with RCOMage and make custom strings on your xmb.
RAFs are Video files. the only one that is a raf is coldboot.raf, which is the boot logo. Can be made with ColdBoot Maker. Tutorial Here.

AC3s are of course audio files, which is the boot sound.

I might make a tutorial on modding RCOs for noobs if i receive some positive feedback.


To Customize
1. put flash drive into computer and make the folder structure of customize/modz(example F:/customize/modz)
2. put all your customized files in that folder.
3. make sure all the names of the files are the same as the orginal(case sesitive)

4. copy ES35’s Customize v0.1.geohot.pkg to the root of your flash drive (example F:/)
5. put that flash drive into the ps3, and go to install pkg files.
6. install ES35’s Customize v0.1.geohot.pkg
7. scroll down to ES35’s Customize v0.1
8. observe the great graphics of the icon and background image, and remember to donate.
9. open it, and click install.
10. quit.

To Clean up

1. Open it, press the up and down dpad buttons to scroll to clean it up.
2. press X.
3. quit.

To Donate
1. Send $$ to via paypal.

The Custom PS3 Boot Logo/sound THREAD! Post your WORK HERE! – PSX-SCENE: The oldest and most trusted Playstation Scene Community
[Taking Requests] ► Custom Boot Logo’s
Any request’s for coldboot sounds?



9 responses

27 03 2011

Thanks for the work, appreciate it! i’ll try to learn how to mod RCO’s

27 03 2011
ES35′s Customize v0.1 Released | PS3 Hacks :: PS3 Homebrew :: PS3 Downloads

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27 03 2011
Red X

dude i don’t have ps3 cfw but this looks great. I made tons of psp themes this way. You should add .PRX file support

28 03 2011
ES35′s Customize v0.1 Released | PS3 Exploits

[…] – source: emersons35 […]

29 03 2011
» 自製軟件:ES35′s Customize v0.1

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29 03 2011

I like to think I’m pretty techy, however: I do not yet understand what “coldboot_edit_unpacked” does (and I followed the instructions)

PS3 Slim Kmeaw 3.55

I follow the instructions per [link][/link]
I copied all files to the correct directory.
I downloaded the Half Life 2 theme and it worked.
However when I create my own, the image does not get displayed at all.
the new_logo images are all RGB/8 700×350 and new_logo_sd images are RGB/8 240×120
I only utilized white/black/grey in my image.

Am I missing something here?

29 03 2011

Nevermind, too many beers.. It wasn’t very clear that A: I had to use the rightmost USB port, and B: I had to merge the raf with the original (step 3 in the coldboot maker).. not your fault at all, thanks again.. The tut is pretty damn polished btw. More than you would normally expect from any coder. (usually way too many assumptions are made).

Thanks again.

29 03 2011
[RELEASE] ES35′s Customize v0.1 « PSXBOT

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11 04 2011

Doesnt work on CFW 3.55 REBUG, Black Screen

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