Just Some Updates.

4 03 2011

So First off, im working on the tutorial part of my toolkit.
Should i even work on my toolkit anymore or just opensource and leave it?
Second off, i made a post about rcos,
so this weekend MAYBE, ill copy every single rco from the ps3, decrypt them organize them into folders and post.
then i will completly mod it, make funny text strings, invert the gradients, and other useless crap to make it look unqiue.
My subtitle for this site, is power to the poeple.
thats what i am about.
i want for you people to have to power to do what ever the hell you want to your ps3. i will sacfice hours after hours to giving you that power.
What does this mean?
i have an idea.

The Idea:
Make a ps3 app that installs .ECPT files to ps3
(EmersonS35’s Custom Ps3 Theme)
You will be ableto compile and extract a theme with one of my tools for windows.

You download a file from one of my list..lets say.
You put that on the root of your flash drive,
run a app called “Customize”
Then you select “Cool Grey”
you quite the program, and the bootlogo,bootsound, textstrings, gradints, and other shit, are all modded.

What do you guys think?
its like Dynamic Themes on Steroids!

I swear if anyone leaks this idea to another dev, and they do it.. i just might go insane.



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