3 03 2011

I successfully decrypted RCOs,
Edited Them,
Compiled Them,
And Boom.
my own XMB.
More info soon.



4 responses

3 03 2011

Sounds awesome man. Looking forward to checking this out soon.

4 04 2011

hi emerson,

i like your es35 to put modded files in the ps3’xmb …

i got a fail just on explore_plugin_full.rco …
after install, i lose some icon, and ever the same:
new user, psn, app-home, install pkg …

i’m using RCOmage for xp, and all others modded rco’s are good…

any idea to resolve my problem ?

just thinking to change parse for image …

4 04 2011

idk why it would be doing that.

5 04 2011

well, i don’t know too … and some title are cut “PSN” apears as “SN” ..
missing a letter … o0

well, i’ll try with RCOMage for linux soon …
wich version of RCOmage you used ?
me, V1.1.1 for windows.

will follow your new project around sdk 1.92 … it’s look very intresting to me !

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