Just made PS3 pkg decrypter.

19 02 2011

[Release] ES35’s PS3 ToolKit For Windows v.6 BETA
The Update to this is is decrypt Debug .BINs and .SELFs

Drag and Drop
Decrypt 3.55/PSN pkgs
Decrypt 3.41/Debug pkgs
Automatically identifies which type of pkg
Copies the extracted Files back to the folder it came from
Decrypt BINs/SELFs to .ELFS

Download Lastest Version


Note: still in BETA versions. PLEASE report to me ANY bugs.

Change log:
v.6 SELF/BIN Support
v.5 Bugs/Better File Copying
v.4 Offical Release[/spoiler]

Older Versions:
Download v.5
Download v.4



2 responses

25 02 2011

when i try to decrypt eboot.bin i just get the message “no key found”. tried a lot of eboots but it still doesn’t work 😦

26 02 2011

it only decrypts debug eboots. when geohot releases a npdrm decrypter we will be able to decrypt retails.

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